AXE Body 12h Refreshing Scent Wash

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  • 4x pack; Smell irresistible all day with all NEW and upgraded AXE Phoenix men’s body wash cleanser- and now comes in this money-saving four-pack.
  • Add to your bath and body skincare regimen to wash away odor and smell refreshed with our first Dual Action body wash. Now with upgraded fragrances.
  • Recharge your skincare routine with the moisturizing and replenishing crushed mint and rosemary cleanser.
  •  Smell refreshed for 12 hours. Dermatologically tested formula and no parabens.
  • Squeeze out AXE men’s body wash.
  • Lather on. Rinse off. Feel clean. Smell great.
  • Eco-friendly bottle made from 100% recycled plastic for sustainable skin care, formula made with 100% plant-based moisturizers.
  • Loving our men’s fragrance Check out other AXE body care products including AXE Phoenix Antiperspirant stick, 2-in-1 Shampoo Conditioner, Deodorant, Bar Soap and Body Spray.

Blast away the morning cobwebs We can’t promise it will make getting out of bed easier.

But it will help give you the best shower gel experience you’ve ever had.

All you need to do is just jump in the shower, squeeze out a handful of that refreshing mint magic, lather up with body wash — and you’ll be rising like a phoenix. It’s that easy.

Goodbye to losing your cool before that all-important date. Hello squeaky-clean, minty freshness.

It’s your secret weapon that keeps you smelling fresh for hours Perfect.

The fresh fragrance of AXE men body wash doesn’t just deep clean your skin.

It refreshes your soul AXE Phoenix body wash is also available in Antiperspirant Stick and Deodorant Body Spray for your grooming pleasure.

To maximize your shower experience, try the AXE Shower Detailer with your AXE shower gel.

At AXE, we think it’s time that we got rid of some stereotypes and labels surrounding masculinity that are holding young guys back.

The fact is that over half of guys have been told that ‘real men’ should behave a certain way.

Those outdated stereotypes may have been the norm decades ago, but times have changed, bro. You do you.

To help shed old expectations of masculinity once and for all, we linked up with youth charity Ditch the Label, and have so far supported over 1.5M young people, and we’re not stopping there. A cleaner body doesn’t have to mean a dirtier planet.

That’s why we make our bottles using recycled plastic.

Less of the bad stuff and more of the good.


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AXE Body 12h Refreshing Scent Wash

AED 123.00AED 133.00 (-8%)

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