Pimple Patch | 72 Hydrocolloid Waterproof Patches | For Active Surface Acne | Absorbs Pimple Overnight, Reduces Excess Oil | For All Skin Types

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  • TREATS ACNE/PIMPLES – This patch protects the acne or pimple from any further infection or dirt present in the surrounding environment. And draws out pus, dirt or any fluids to help the acne heal overnight.
  • EASILY CONCEALABLE – It can be easily concealed and hidden without interfering with your daily routine. Also doesn’t leave any mark or trace on the skin once removed.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE FORMULATION – Made with safe and toxin free ingredients. Also is ultra-thin and transparent to avoid any sort of itching or irritation on the skin.
  • SUITABILITY – The patch is suitable for all types of skins, be it dry, oily or normal. It’s healing properties also make it suitable for hypersensitive skin.
  • ABSORBS PUS AND FLUIDS – The hydrocolloid present absorbs all the dirt, pus and fluids and retains the good ones. The healing properties of neem, aloe vera and mulethi also aid in the skin recovery.
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Effective Acne Solution: Our Pimple Patch is a powerful tool in your skincare arsenal. Designed specifically for active surface acne, these hydrocolloid patches work overnight to absorb excess oil and impurities, promoting faster healing and reducing redness.

Quantity: Each package contains 72 individual patches, providing you with an ample supply to address multiple breakouts or persistent acne concerns.

Hydrocolloid Technology: These patches are formulated with advanced hydrocolloid technology, which creates a moist environment that encourages the natural healing process. It effectively draws out pus and impurities from the pimple, helping it to flatten and heal faster.

Waterproof and Breathable: Our Pimple Patches are waterproof and breathable, ensuring they stay securely in place even during showers or daily activities. The breathable design helps to prevent moisture buildup and irritation.

Easy to Use: Application is simple and hassle-free. Just cleanse the affected area, apply a patch directly over the pimple, and leave it on overnight or throughout the day
The discreet design makes it easy to wear under makeup or throughout your daily routine

For All Skin Types: Our Pimple Patches are suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
They are gentle on the skin while providing effective acne care.

Reduces Redness: These patches not only absorb excess oil and impurities but also help to reduce redness and inflammation associated with acne, promoting a clearer complexion.

Visible Results: With regular use, you can expect to see visible improvements in the appearance of your acne
Pimples are often noticeably smaller and less red after just one night of use

Versatile Use: While primarily designed for facial acne, these patches can be applied to active surface acne on other parts of the body, such as the chest or back.

Compact and Travel-Friendly: The compact packaging of our Pimple Patches makes them easy to carry in your purse, travel bag, or toiletry kit, ensuring you have an effective acne solution wherever you go.

Say goodbye to the inconvenience and discomfort of acne with our Pimple Patch
This skincare essential is designed to help you tackle active surface acne effectively and discreetly, promoting quicker healing and a clearer complexion
Make it a part of your daily skincare routine for smoother, blemish-free skin


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Pimple Patch | 72 Hydrocolloid Waterproof Patches | For Active Surface Acne | Absorbs Pimple Overnight, Reduces Excess Oil | For All Skin Types

AED 35.00AED 54.00 (-35%)

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