Royalford 11 cm Hard Anodized Vagaria Multi-Colour

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  • PERFECT SIZE TADKA PAN – This Royalford Hard Anodized Vagaria aluminium body highly durable excellent chemical properties of anodized aluminium makes it sturdy and long-lasting.
  •  The surface is much harder than steel, is durable and resistant to chips and cracks. Ideal for tadka frying/seasoning chores without any mess.
  • NON STICK COATING – This hard anodized vagaria pan is long-lasting, faster, and even cooking.
  •  Built-up with highly durable aluminium provides excellent heat conductivity, the non-stick coating helps in consuming less oil and allows for easy cleaning.
  • ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY – Hard-Anodized cookware is non-toxic PFOA-free and does not release any destructive by-products or chemicals.
  •  Works with gas stoves for better heat retention and easy-viewing while cooking.
  • CONTEMPORARY DESIGN, LONG HANDLE WITH HANGING LOOP – The handsome dark finish with riveted handles and elegant curves, makes it look attractive as well as functional.
  •  It comes with a handle that is ergonomically designed to work as a stand that will help proper balancing of the frying pan and easy to store with the hanging loop after use.
  • METAL SPATULA FRIENDLY – This Royalford hard-anodized thick tadka spice heating pan with a thick exterior coating, anodized aluminium provides colour stability and a metallic finish which does not wear off easily.
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The “Royalford 11 cm Hard Anodized Vagaria, Multi-Colour, RF9706” appears to be a specific kitchen or cookware product.

Here’s a general description of what this product might entail based on the name:

Royalford is the brand or manufacturer of this product.

The product has a size of 11 cm.

This measurement likely refers to the diameter or some other dimension of the item.

Hard anodized typically refers to a type of cookware or kitchen utensil that has undergone a special process to make it more durable and non-stick.

Hard anodized cookware is known for its resistance to scratching and its ability to distribute heat evenly.

The term “Vagaria” is not a standard term in the context of cookware or kitchen appliances.

It’s possible that this is a specific design or feature of the product, but without more information, it’s challenging to provide specific details.

This suggests that the product is available in multiple colors, providing options for the consumer to choose their preferred color or style.


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Royalford 11 cm Hard Anodized Vagaria Multi-Colour

AED 32.00AED 52.00 (-38%)

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