Royalford Coffee Warmer Set Stainless Steel Saucepans Set

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  • ✔STAINLESS-STEEL POT SET – Add this warming set to your cookware collection to help with those simple cooking tasks in the kitchen.
  •  This set includes three small coffee warmer with 250ml, 450ml, 850ml capacity.
  •  Each pot is designed with a spout for easy pouring and a Bakelite handle, with a convenient hole for hanging on a pot rack.
  • ✔DURABLE STOVETOP SAUCEPOTS – These pots are resistant to rust due to their stainless-steel material.
  •  Don’t worry about special cleaning instructions with this set, whether you’re boiling a thin broth or the thickest gravy.
  •  Just hand wash them with regular soap and water and they’re ready for another round of cooking!
  • ★MELTING POT FOR DESSERTS – Whether you’re the resident baker or a seasoned chocolate, you know how valuable a small saucepan is for making sweet recipes.
  •  Use it as a butter or milk warmer in a pinch.
  •  Hold this pot over boiling water to safely melt chocolate without burning it, then pour it over your dish.
  •  Dip treats inside these pots for a chocolate fondue night.
  • ★GREAT STOVETOP COFFEEPOT – Use this pot to prepare your coffee or tea on a stovetop when a coffee maker or kettle is nowhere to be found.
  •  If you’ve been wanting to try Turkish coffee and don’t have a Turkish coffee pot on hand, this makes a great substitute for a traditional cezve.
  •  Use it to heat up and froth milk for a delicious cup of cafe con leche or a classic London fog!
  • ♥ADD TO CAMPING COOKWARE – These pots will make a great addition to your survival gear if you’re trying to boil water in the wilderness.
  •  The stainless-steel material of the saucepan also makes it compatible with a portable induction stove or standard camp stove.
  •  Heat your canned soup or make a fresh cup of coffee in the great outdoors.

Royalford presents a perfect coffee warmer that is not only multipurpose but stylish too.

Constructed from strong stainless steel that is wonderfully stylish, this durable coffee warmer has been designed to last long.

The beautiful design makes it ultra-stylish and energy-saving coffee pot; it is designed to make a perfect cup of Greek.

Turkish/Arabian Coffee and made in a neat & refined style, so it will perfectly fit any design of the kitchen.

Excellent for preparation of Turkish coffee, foaming milk, warming sauce, melting butter, heating up sauces and more; and prevents overheating.

It features an induction base, making it suitable for use on most hob types.

And it has a special pouring spout for no-drip pouring, which makes cooking easy, clean & tidy.

To make things easier, this coffee pot is lightweight too and features heat-resistant strong handle for ultimate comfort & safety with every use.

Does not transfer heat and features a hole on the end for easy storage.


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Royalford Coffee Warmer Set Stainless Steel Saucepans Set

AED 36.00AED 46.00 (-22%)

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