Pyrex 8021705 Classic Prepware Expert Bowl 4,2 L

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  • Generous Capacity: With a 4.2L capacity, this deep-set bowl accommodates large portions of batter and dough, ensuring mess-free mixing.
  • Innovative Angled Design: The 35° angled side aids thorough mixing, making it effortless to combine ingredients effectively.
  • Confident Measuring: An easy-to-read measuring scale (0.5L to 4L) empowers precise ingredient additions for consistent results.
  • ♥Versatile and Durable: Oven, fridge, freezer, and microwave safe, with scratch-resistant hygienic borosilicate glass that’s heat resistant up to 300°C.
  • ★Premium Craftsmanship: Made in France using Pyrex’s century-old expertise, this bowl preserves food flavors, making it your go-to kitchen companion.
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Introducing the Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowl Expert 4.2L 30cm 185B000 – Your Ultimate Mixing Companion! Designed to elevate your culinary experiences, the Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowl Expert is a true kitchen essential that combines functionality, durability, and style.

Crafted with precision and curated from hard-wearing materials, this mixing bowl is engineered to serve you for years to come.

Key Features: Generous Capacity: With a capacious 4.2L capacity and a deep-set design, our Expert glass bowl provides ample space for effortlessly mixing generous portions of batter, dough, and more, all without the worry of messy spills.

Angled Mixing Innovation: The 35° angled side of the bowl is ingeniously designed to aid in thorough mixing.

Whip together your ingredients with ease, thanks to the ergonomic design that takes the effort out of combining even the toughest components.

Measure with Confidence: Equipped with an easy-to-read measuring scale ranging from 0.5L to 4L, you can now precisely add ingredients to your mixture with absolute confidence, ensuring every recipe turns out just right.

Seamless Pouring: The wide pouring spout ensures seamless transfer of your creations without any mess.

Say goodbye to clumsy pouring and hello to precision.

Multifunctional Design: Oven, fridge, freezer, and microwave safe – the Expert glass bowl is your versatile kitchen companion.

The thermal shock resistance up to 300°C means you can take it straight from the oven to the freezer without worries.

Ergonomic Handling: The 340° easy grip handle provides comfort and control, making it a breeze to carry and maneuver, even when the bowl is full.

Scratch-Resistant Excellence: Crafted from scratch-resistant hygienic borosilicate glass, this bowl retains its pristine appearance, ensuring it looks as good as new even after rigorous use.

Premium Quality, Made in France: With a legacy dating back to 1915, Pyrex has mastered the art of crafting high-quality ovenware.

Our Expert glass bowl is a testament to this legacy, proudly made in France using state-of-the-art techniques.

Flavor Integrity: The chemical composition of borosilicate glass ensures that it neither alters the flavors nor absorbs any odors from the food, preserving the integrity of your culinary creations.

Elevate your mixing game with the Pyrex Glass Mixing Bowl Expert 4.2L 30cm 185B000. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an aspiring home cook, this bowl is your partner in creating masterpieces that impress.

Get yours today and experience the difference of Pyrex quality!


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Pyrex 8021705 Classic Prepware Expert Bowl 4,2 L

AED 82.00AED 105.00 (-22%)

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