Resistance Bands Sets 3 Pack Professional Latex Elastic Bands

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  • Resistance Bands Set is made of 100% environmentally friendly natural latex.
  •  Which has skin affinity, is non-toxic, durable, and feels softer and softer.
  • 3 Fitness Bands Set – Pull new life, new fun and new enthusiasm into your training with training bands.
  •  3x gymnastics bands: Pink (1.5m / 8-10kg); Purple (1.8m / 10-12kg); Blue (2m / 12-15kg) with practical door buckle.
  •  Which makes it easy to attach the straps to the door.
  • Suitable for Every Fitness Level – Whether you are a beginner or an expert, these fitness straps are right for you.
  •  Through the various resistances it is possible to adjust the intensity of your training with the exercise bands to your personal goals.
  •  Large training bands increase the number of possible exercises for the chest, back, shoulders, arms and legs and even larger people can train with it without restrictions.
  • Resistance Bands Multiple Uses – Exercises bands are often used as an alternative or as an extra equipment for yoga, pilates, stretching, crossfit, fitness exercises, insanity or other exercise programs.
  •  They are also often used in physiotherapy and rehab or to increase flexibility. SUITABLE FOR LADIES, MEN & TEEN.
  • Fitness Bands Effective & Transportable – Make yourself fit and shape your body anywhere without expensive gym contracts and exercise equipment, and you do not even have to leave home.
  •  Exercise in the privacy of your home, hotel or workplace.

Resistance Bands Let You Workout about Anywhere and Target All Your Muscles


Shape your body

They can be used for all physical exercises, basic exercises.

Ideal for physiotherapy, exercises for beginners and advanced.

Just change your posture to weight different muscles and shape every part of your body.



Available in 3 different strengths!

LIGHT (Pink) / 8kg-10kg / 1500 * 150 * 0.35mm: For warming up and for light exercises.

MEDIUM (Purple) / 10kg-12kg / 1800 * 150 * 0.45mm: For light strength training, warm-up and stretching.

STRONG (Blue) / 12kg-15kg / 2000 * 150 * 0.55mm: For strength training and chin-up support.


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Resistance Bands Sets 3 Pack Professional Latex Elastic Bands

AED 34.00AED 44.00 (-23%)

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